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Ajda Trading Company

Production, Processing, and Marketing of Food Products

Ajda Trading Company

Ajda Trading Company - a closed joint stock company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2021. The company operates in the sector of production, processing, and marketing of food products. The company is currently marketing and distributing poultry with a trademark owned by the company in the name of (ASILH).


The company is also seeking to study the feasibility of establishing a project for breeding and producing poultry, as well as studying a food factory project to produce chopped chicken and fresh meat to cover the restaurants and hotels sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For each project separately.

The company seeks to create a high-value brand through effective acquisitions and partnerships, which promote the development of its activity in the fresh chicken sector in line with the strategic goal of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to meet 80% of the domestic demand of poultry, in accordance with the objective of the strategy of the Ministry of Environment Water, agriculture, and the Kingdom’s vision 2030, and to strengthen the company’s supply chains and products.

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