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About Us

About us

The Company Started its activities by establishing the "Gulf Elevators and Escalators Company Ltd." in 1999 by establishing a factory for the manufacture of Elevators and Escalators in the Industrial City of Jeddah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to God, and as a result of the expansion of the company’s activities in most cities within the Kingdom and in neighboring countries, Mayar Holding Company was established - as a closed Saudi joint stock company - registered in the city of Riyadh on December 23, 2013, and then several companies were established under it to distribute the company’s activities to keep pace with the growth in each activity  The Company has continued to grow over the past 20 years by establishing several companies and entering into strategic partnerships, in addition to acquiring a number of other companies in several industrial sectors.

The company's current activity is focused on:

Elevators and Escalators Sector:

The company owns several companies in this sector. Several activities fall under this sector, including manufacturing, marketing, selling, installing, and maintaining Elevators and Escalators and their spare parts. Where the company has a factory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition, its products are located in several countries in the Gulf, the Middle East and African countries through its authorized agents, and the company currently owns three brands “Fuji”, “Veion” and “HITACHI”, and The company has an external industrial activity in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where it invested in the “Egypt Gulf Company for Elevators and Escalators” in 2018, and owns 60% of the company in order to manufacture, sell, install and maintain elevators, whether entering the Egyptian market and African markets with competitive products in terms of price and quality.

Animal feed sector and the sale and distribution of poultry:

where the company owns a factory to produce compound feed for poultry and livestock to keep pace with the development of livestock feeding methods to achieve the maximum benefit in the field of feeding and to move away from the traditional methods used previously, which caused a great waste of resources at all levels. In line with the company's vision of expanding in complementary activities, it expanded in the poultry industry by establishing its sister company - Ajda Trading Company - which acquired an existing company for the distribution and sale of poultry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the trademark "ASILH”

The plastic sector:

where the company owns two factories, the “Saudi Drip Irrigation Company Ltd.”, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it produces several plastic products for drip irrigation systems, in addition to several other plastic products, as well as several semi-finished plastic compounds. The company owns “Egypt Gulf Company for Modern Industries” based in the Arab Republic of Egypt for the manufacture and production of high-quality PVC compounds of hard or flexible granules, white or black, transparent, or colored, in addition to EVA products, shoes and plastic sandals products of different designs.

The company's products:

The company's sources of income are divided into three main sections in terms of the products and services it provides in the region through its subsidiaries, which are:

Elevators and escalators sector:

a. Manufacture of elevators and escalators.

B. Sale and installation of elevators and escalators.

T. Maintenance of elevators and escalators.

d. Selling spare parts for elevators and escalators.

Animal Feed Sector:

c. Poultry feed.

h. Cattle feed.

x. Poultry distribution and sale.

Plastic sector.

1. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is used in many industries (construction, transportation, packaging, and electrical industries).

2. Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), from which soles of shoes and sandals are made.

3. Several plastic products for drip irrigation systems and several semi-finished plastic compounds.


Who We Are?


Our Message

Constant work on developing its business and products to satisfy customers, as well as entering several industrial investments, acquiring the largest market share in several areas, and raising the quality of its products and after-sales services.


Our Vision

Mayar Holding Company to become one of the leading companies in the field of industrial investment in several industrial sectors in the Middle East and North Africa, by establishing industrial companies or acquiring existing industrial companies that provide high quality products and services that exceed the expectations of their customers to build a long-term relationship with them.


Our Values

Because we are proud of our social values and our national identity, our administration pays great attention to its humanitarian and developmental duty towards society and the nation. Accordingly, the Board of Directors, represented by the Executive Management, sets annual and periodic plans to discuss ways to support the national bodies and authorities aiming morally and materially to contribute effectively to the development of society and the country in general to achieve the Kingdom’s vision 2030


Our Goals

Leading the industrial market in the Kingdom and the markets in it

Build a strong customer base

Providing excellent after-sales services

Producing multiple high-quality products at competitive prices

Building a strong department with excellent management and leadership skills

Achieving sustainable profits and growth rates

Geographical spread in the Kingdom, the Arab Gulf countries, the Middle East and Africa, and the fulfillment of the desires of different categories of consumers

That the company and its subsidiaries be a role model for other companies