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Egypt Gulf Elevators & Escalators Co. Ltd.

Elevator and Escalator Industry Sector

Egypt Gulf Elevators & Escalators Co. Ltd.

On May 17, 2018, The Egypt Gulf Company for Elevators and Escalators was established as an "Egyptian joint stock company" registered in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the company owns 60% of it. The company is engaged in the manufacture of elevators and escalators of all kinds, in addition to the activity of installing and maintaining elevators. The production capacity of the factory is more than 3,000 elevators annually. The company owns the land on which the factory is located, which has an area of ​​60,000 square meters, and the company's factory is the largest for elevator production in the Middle East.


Since its establishment - Egypt Gulf Elevators Company managed to obtain contracts to install more than 5,000 elevators, and these elevators will be a great opportunity to be under the company's maintenance portfolio after operating.

The factory aims to produce more than one product, whether low-cost - local product - or high-cost - global product - and enter the African market by taking advantage of customs exemptions between African countries.

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