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Jedaya Agriculture Co.

Agriculture and food supply

Jedaya Agriculture Co.

Jedaya Agricultural Company established in 2010, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, work for Agricultural and food supply sectors.

Jedaya Agricultural started its activity in the cultivation and production of agricultural crops, in its farms located in the Sheri area, north of Buraidah, with an estimated area of 25 million square meters.


The Management of Taya Feed Mill plans to transform from traditional agriculture business with our vision and through the local, regional, and international markets. The factory's work is to produce combined feed and develop methods of feeding animal resources to achieve maximum benefit in the field of feeding and avoiding the currently used traditional methods which cause excessive waste of resources on all levels.

The company seeks to create a high-value brand through effective acquisitions and partnerships, which promote the development of its activity in the fresh chicken sector in line with the strategic goal of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to meet 80% of the local demand for poultry, in accordance with the strategy target of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture And the vision of the Kingdom 2030, the Ajda Trading Company was established to work on projects of Integrated Poultry project. As well as the establishment of a Growing Food Company, which works in the marketing and distribution of poultry under the brand "ASILH ".

Contact Us

  •  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh - Olaya Street - Taya Commercial Center
    P.O. Box:-69001 Riyadh 12611
  •  +966114160566